Theatre Director and Producer


What the papers say... 

Kiss Me (2018)
"If a director’s main job is to ensure the work on the page gets the best possible realisation on a stage than you couldn’t ask for better than Farmer provides" - Kris Hallett

Incognito (2017)
"Expertly directed by Katharine Farmer" - Santa Barbara Independent

""...the ensemble of actors under the supremely intelligent direction of Katharine Farmer make the play worth a trip to Ventura to the Rubicon Theatre" - Broadway World

"Dazzling conceptual juggling act rewards the strict attention it demands, peeling away layers of intellectual abstraction to discover unexpected beauty and wonder" - The L.A. Times 

Gulf View Drive (2017)
"Director Farmer’s assured hand keeps the story insightful, articulate and witty without eclipsing emotional authenticity" - The L.A. Times

"Farmer's direction is outstanding" - Broadway World

"At its best, theater creates a reality so authentic and compelling that whatever self-consciousness divides the audience from the performers dissolves, and everyone in the room is caught up in a single, collective vision. Even very good productions can only expect to achieve this exalted state for a few fleeting moments, and it’s a rare thing to witness a play that can sustain it over the course of an entire evening. That’s what makes not only Gulf View Drive, the latest installment in Arlene Hutton’s extraordinary Nibroc trilogy, but the whole three-play sequence so special. Through the careful stewardship of director Katharine Farmer and the Rubicon team, the Nibroc trilogy has now told a long and fulfilling story populated by deep, lovable characters who keep finding ways to surprise us right to the very end" - Santa Barbara Independent

See Rock City (2016)
"Pitch-perfect staging by Katharine Farmer once again" - The L.A. Times

“Farmer delivers an experience with an emotional punch and satisfaction that could only be achieved by first-rate directing"  - Society 805

Pig Farm (2015)
“Director Katharine Farmer brings home the bacon with a final act that is both outrageous and hysterically funny, sired from the sort of comic-book violence that owes a lot to Punch-and-Judy.” - Stage Review 

Last Train To Nibroc (2015)
"Under Katharine Farmer’s assured, insightful direction, [Erik] Odom and [Lily] Nicksay demonstrate theatrical savvy and maturity well beyond their years, radiating seriocomic charm with nary a wasted word, sidelong glance or emotional beat in this poignant, under-appreciated play."  - The LA Times